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Used my BooB TooB at the mall play area today and got 3 compliments on it!  Plus, it was super comfortable to nurse my 7 week old.  I love the BooB TooB!


I just wanted to let you know that I've been using the BooB TooB for 3 months now and it's been amazing. I've nursed by the lake, while camping, in Church, on my mother-in-law's couch with 4 brothers around... it covers so well and is light enough to let the baby breathe.
-Katie Estelle, new mommy and BooB TooB fanatic

I am continually amazed at the versatility of the Boob*Toob. Recently I nursed in public in the following places completely covered and comfortable: home depot checkout line, walking around at the zoo, at the swimming pool, at a wedding with a fitted button up dress, pushing my shopping cart in walmart. The last one had me worried I would show up in "people of walmart" videos but I think I was safe. This is my favorite nursing cover BY FAR!

-Katie Matteson

Get YOUR BooB TooB Nursing Cover at


Man, I wish I would have had one of these THREE KIDS AGO!! What a GENIOUS nursing cover. Love it! And just like it says, you're literally covered from all sides. I just found my new baby shower giving gift!


Best invention ever...I used mine at Disneyland for the first time and I was so pleased. Not only was it comfortable for me it was comfortable for my baby!


Used this all over Disney and on the airplanes there and back. Can't imagine doing this trip without it! AMAZING!


I am SO happy with the BooBToob! It's pretty, well made, and I am completely covered when I nurse my 4 1/2 month old, who is often a wiggly nurser. I have used it at restaurants, church, home with company.... I can't wait to take it to the beach - and use it with my bathing suit on!!! I don't know what I would have done without it - Truly!


YOUR BooB TooB Nursing Cover is waiting at


I was unsure about trying reuseable nursing pads until I received a pair of Li'l squirts as a sample with my BoobToob order. When I tried them out I knew I had to order more. They're way more comfortable than disposables.One pair got me through a whole day. They're very well-made and wash up great. Nicole has been extremely helpful during the placement of both my BoobToob order and my Li'l Squirts order. Not only did she go out of her way to accomodate my custom requests, but she shipped out the day after payment and the order was on my doorstep the day following that. She is always friendly and has well-made, quality products as well as awesome customer service. I highly reccomend both BoobToob and Li'l Squirts.


Received my BoobToob FAST!! Packaged so nicely, and after opening it I could see how well made it really is. It will definitely stand up to extended use. Tried it on with my gigantic pregger belly and it fits with plenty of room even now. Really excited to use it once my son arrives. I also loved the sample reusable nursing pads that were included and will be purchasing some of those for sure, they are also really well made and so soft!


Don't forget your Lil' Squirts at


I absolutely love my Boob*toob! I make sure I have it on hand where ever we go. I never felt 100% comfortable out in public using a apron nursing cover since my daughter would tug, pull and kick it making it a little stressful to keep covered. With the Boob*toob she can do all those things without affecting the cover. I recommend this to Every nursing mother, I will never use another product and neither will you once you have a boob*toob!


You have heard people say it all...

Breastfeeding is hard work, breastfeeding is not for everyone, breastfeeding hurts, breastfeeding in public is disgusting, bottle feeding is easier, breastfeeding denies the father a chance to bond with the baby...

Yada, yada, yada!

THESE are the things society puts in our heads.  And even though we desperately want to breastfeed, sometimes we give up to soon because all of those negative ideas and excuses are swimming around in our brain like a poison.

And that is just the beginning.  Everyone (your friends, your mom or MIL, your spouse, even perfect strangers) want to give you their UNSOLICITED opinion on how to be a good mother.  They want to tell YOU how to parent YOUR child.  (GASP!)  People want to make you feel guilty for NOT doing things their way, as if you didn't have your child's best interest in mind?  And as much as it ticks you off and you try to ignore it... it gets to you.  Sometimes it even makes you question whether or not you really are a good mother.  This is truly SAD!


John Burroughs said:

"It is always easier to believe than to deny.

Our minds are naturally affirmative."


That means our brains are unconsciously believing all of that garbadge we hear, unless we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Positive affirmations help us to re-program our thinking and start being the one who controls what we believe, rather than letting "everybody else" do it for us.

When it comes to breastfeeding and motherhood, getting IN YOUR OWN HEAD and giving yourself EVERY ADVANTAGE will greatly increase your chances of success!

We at BooB TooB, wanted to do our part to help you get the RIGHT THINGS in your head and remind yourself that YOU are really a great mother, in fact... the BEST mother you can be. :)

So... we created a "Breastfeeding Affirmations" card to help you get started.




 But we wanted to do something more...

something to remind you of how amazing you are when no one else seems to remember...

We will now be including one of these affirmation packs FREE with each BooB TooB and Lil Squirts purchase.

Or they can be purchased on their own HERE.

We really want you to be successful at breastfeeding, but more importantly,

We want you to trust your baby and your instincts.

We want you to enjoy YOUR JOURNEY and always be reminded that you ARE the

BEST Mother You Can BE!

All Our Well Wishes and Love,

The BooB TooB crew

The Plus Size Predicament

Let's be honest, whether we start out plus size or not, pregnancy leaves us all a little more lush after 9 months.  And for those of us who breastfeed, our big pregnancy boobies only get more ample!

As Kim Crow talks about in her article

Size 14 is average American Women's size, but not the Average Shopper's

Most Plus Size women DON'T WANT TO ADMIT they are plus size and hence, don't shop!


They make do with what they have.

Most women would be more comfortable, more stylish and, as a result, MORE CONFIDENT if they SHOPPED THEIR SIZE rather than worrying about their ego...

So Why Don't They?

Because the average sized women ISN'T SHOPPING, stores and manufacturers aren't selling or making things in those sizes. It's simple economics really, if there is NO DEMAND, there is NO SUPPLY!

BUT... It gets WORSE!

Most of us are heavier and more curvaceous after pregnancy, AND we are even MORE CONVINCED that we are going to loose the weight fast and be able to fit into our regular clothes before we know it...

So... in the mean time WE MAKE DO WITH WHAT WE HAVE. (Which isn't always a good thing.)

That means we wear clothes that are oversized and comfortable (but not cute) or we buy and try to squeeze into cute clothes that are too small and end up looking like a busted can of biscuits!

Either way, between extra weight, stretch marks, ugly clothes and all the emotions that come with being a new mom...

our confidence is IN THE TOILET,

which means we simply don't go out in public,

let alone BREASTFEED our baby in public.

The whole thing SUCKS!!!

So guess what happened...

No one ever made a Nursing Cover to fit the more shapely, plus-sized mama. (UNTIL NOW!)

  • NOT because there were NO plus sized mamas
  • NOT because big mamas don't breastfeed
  • NOT because they don't care if they cover up

BUT... because plus-sized breastfeeding moms were either hiding at home or making do with what they had (like using an oversized blanket or nursing their baby in a bathroom stall) when they did venture out... all while they waited around to get thinner so they could justify buying a regular size nursing cover and start having a life outside their home again.

How about we STOP the NONSENSE!?

First, we need to GET OUT OF OUR OWN HEADS and start SHOPPING OUR SIZE, because GUESS WHAT?

When something FITS, it LOOKS GOOD and FEELS GOOD (No matter what number the tag says).

When we LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD, we are more confident!  When we are more confident... We are suddenly happier, which makes us better wives, better moms, better friends,

REALLY... It makes your ability to be a better you PLUS SIZED!

Let's Get Started!

Give yourself the confidence to get out of the house and KNOW that you can comfortably and discreetly breastfeed your baby anywhere without worrying about exposing your curves!

Give yourself the only Nursing Cover designed with the abundant mother in mind:

The Plus Size BooB TooB!

It's designed to fit mama's sized 14-26 (1x-4x) and can be customized for bigger sizes!

Plus Size vs. Regular
BooB TooB

You can learn how to measure yourself in the video I made just for you!

Get YOUR BooB TooB and your confidence back RIGHT NOW at

Xo, Nicole


  • How do I put the BooB TooB Nursing Cover on?
  • Will it fit ME comfortably?
  • Are there different ways to wear it?
  • Can I see my baby?
  • Can I really nurse in public? 

Watch our new video to learn more!

Get YOUR BooB TooB at

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